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Tadaaki KUWAYAMA: A Retrospective -Out of Silence-

published: Dec 9,2010

Review to the solo exhibition of Tadaaki Kuwayama (b. 1932) whose works including the latest works were showcased at Nagoya City Art Museum (April 24 - May 30


Ayako OHNO: on

published: Nov 26,2010

You have to take time to appreciate Ayako Ono's sculptures. This does not mean that you should stay at the venue for days. It means that you need a long time interval to forget the details after you have seen her works. This review is about her exhibition that was held a half year ago.


The BARGAIN: We want to sell our paintings!

published: Oct 22,2010

Review to a group exhibition by three members from the Japan Post Subculture Union (Zenporen) which is a group organized to make a special appearance at an event held in August
2010 to commemorate the closing of HMV Shibiya. The exhibition was held in CULTIVATE (Tokyo
Oct. 9 - Nov. 7


Tsu Family Land - Asada Masashi's Photography

published: Sep 14,2010

This was a solo exhibition of Masashi Asada
winner of a prize in the 34th Ihei Kimura Photographic Award for his photos entitled “The Asada Family” (2008
Akaaka Art Publishing Inc.). The exhibition was held at the Mie Prefectural Art Museum located in Asada’s home town (Apr. 17 - May 30


Nobuhiro NAKANISHI: Interference

published: Jul 15,2010

Date: 22/May/2010 - 19/June/2010 Venue: Gallery Nomart
Review to Solo exhibition by Nobuhiro Nakanishi (b. 1976) who has announced sculptures
and installations by unique way of expression on time and space.


Funeral for Bioengineering to Not to Die – Early Works by Arakawa Shusaku

published: Jul 6,2010

Date: 17/Apr/2010 - 27/June/2010  Venue: The National Museum of Art
Review for the solo exhibition focucing on Shusaku Arakwa(b. 1936)'s works created before visiting to US in 1958.


Akira MIYANAGA: about the lights of land

published: Jun 29,2010

Date: 23/Apr/2010 - 22/May/2010  Venue: Kodama Gallery Tokyo
Review to the solo exhibition of Akira Miyanga who announces the latest work with the light as the theme and a symbol of the workings of human beings.


Masae KARIYA: Twins in the labyrinth

published: Jun 17,2010

Date: 23/Apr/2010 - 22/May/2010  Venue: Gallery Terra Tokyo
In this exhibition
we could view Kariya’s latest six works
in which animals
including lions
birds and otters
were drawn as pairs in different situations
such as a meeting room
a bed room and an aquarium.


Shusuke AO: PAX-4

published: Jun 8,2010

Date: Feb 20,2010 to Mar 27,2010  Venue: eitoeiko
We usually look up at the sky to see an airplane flying. While leaving a white contrail
an airplane flying across the bright blue sky immediately disappears in front of us as if to prove its speed. Although airplanes found in the sky look just like small dots...


“Art Patents”— Exhibition Celebrating a New Book Publication

published: May 24,2010

In 1996
an artist
Hideki Nakazawa invented 3D software named “Digital Nendo (Clay) ” and
prior to its release
he started various activities to get patents for his invention. The patents were assessed and registered in Japan and the United States by the end of 2001
securitized in 2005
and sold to a U.S. company in 2007.


“LINE” directed by Tadanori Kotani

published: May 17,2010

22/May/2010 - 18/Jun/2010
Vene:PolePole Higashi-nakano
A documentary film entitled “LINE” (2008) directed by Tadanori Kotani tells us a story about Kotani’s experience of having faced two “fathers”. In the movie
he seems to make his life stop in order to look at something....



published: May 10,2010

March 6 - 28
2010  Venue: Plaza Gallery
We are continuously consuming a lot of information available via television
newspapers and the Internet since we are not satisfied by finding out about things that we already know.


My Favorites - Index of a Certain Collection

published: Apr 29,2010

24/Mar/2010 - 05/May/2010  Venue: The National Museum of Modern Art
water-color paintings
print art
craftwork and others — collections of artworks stored in museums are usually classified into such categories as stated above.  Why are they categorized?


MOT Annual 2010

published: Mar 15,2010

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT)
The ""MOT Annual"" having been held at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (Kiba
Tokyo) every year since 1999
except for 2001 and 2009
has provided us with an opportunity to view artworks created by young artists playing roles as bridges to the future.


Love Love Show

published: Mar 1,2010

Since the 2000s we have often seen words
such as ""heterogeneity""
""hybrid"" and ""cross discipline""
included in titles of exhibitions and presently it is not unusual for us to enjoy looking at artworks of varying fields
including art
high culture or subculture...


Tabaimo: DANMEN

published: Feb 9,2010

Yokohama Museum of Art
Tabaimo’s creations have one point in common
whether they were made in the form of images or book illustrations
in that they are expressions of changing images and chains of altered images
and also they were always depicted using a motif of sociality.


THE LIBRARY + at this place

published: Feb 4,2010

Shizuoka Art Gallery
When I visit a large-scale exhibition traveling throughout the country
I cannot always help wondering if there is any inevitability that the exhibition should be held in the venue where I visit at that moment. Every year I can easily enjoy viewing a number of ...



published: Jan 31,2010

Ota Fine Arts
Today we can instantaneously access even to the other side of the world by only clicking a button displayed on the Internet. This may sometimes make us lose our bearings. Throughout a game screen we find there is a world created using CG (computer graphics).


Nobuaki ONISHI: Chain

published: Jan 28,2010

Gallery Nomart
Six hundred and seventy-two butterflies were pasted on the wall. The reason why I could accurately grasp the number of butterflies was of course not that I counted all of them piece by piece but that they were orderly arranged in twenty-one widthwise and ...


Rei NAITO: Tout animal est dans le monde comme de l’ eau à l’ intérieur de l’ eau.

published: Jan 25,2010

The Museum of Modern Art
The first exhibition room that is on the second floor of the venue is in dim light. The room is illuminated only with fairy lights displayed on a textile laid in a display case. Ribbons and buttons are scattered around the lights


Junsuke INATOMI: Tsuki-yomu-hone

published: Jan 21,2010

Gallery Buburindo
Peering at the inside bottom of the pottery
I found there were stars. The black stars were randomly shining against the white background of the pottery just like the moon floating in the blue sky during the day.

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