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Tsubasa KATO: Fukagaya, Future, Humanity
Editor's Note
Written by Natsumi YUKI   
Published: August 25 2011

Copyright© Tsubasa Kato
Courtesy of the artist and Mujin-to Production

When peeping from the hall entrance into the inside, I found plywood boards put all over. This space seen as if under construction itself is the exhibition work this time. This structure has punctures in some places from where, we can see an Image of the outdoors.

The largest screen shows the scene of the people pulling ropes. This image is an appearance of "Pull reviving event" held in KIBA Park on August 7. Moreover, it is this exhibition construction itself that they pull. This work is like the device which shows the powerfulness by gathering the people's efforts together.

Last Updated on August 25 2011

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