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Satoshi UCHIUMI: The Unrestricted Field of View
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Published: January 23 2009

copy right(c) Satoshi UCHIUMI / Courtesy of Roentgenwerke AG

Satoshi Uchiumi (b.1977) has adopted the motto "The beauty of painting is the beauty of the media it is rendered in". With this in mind, he seeks to create an interactive experience with the art viewer. His pieces are site-specific, and are meant to be viewed from a precise vantage point. Last year, Uchiumi presented his works at domestic museums and the Nasu Warehouse (our alternative gallery) as well as at overseas art fairs. All these exhibitions were very successful and received much attention, encouraging our expectations for his career's future.

At the upcoming exhibition, Uchiumi will show various sized paintings, as if transforming the gallery into a sea of colours. The exhibition title in Japanese is "Juppo - Shiya", which literally means "the state in which there are no obstacles in any directions", derives from the reasons stated above.

* The text provided by Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG

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