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TSUTSUMU - Traditional Japanese Packaging
Editor's Note
Written by Kae ISHII   
Published: May 01 2011

Tsurube-zushi, Nara
Courtesy of Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo

In this exhibition, Japanese traditional packing goods and containers are exhibited according to the material; tree, bamboo, bamboo grass, soil, straw, and paper. These works are collected by Hideyuki Oka, a graphic designer who kept acting since the prewar days.

These Oka's collection were exhibited for the first time as "Exhibition of Japanese traditional package" in Shirokiya, Tokyo in 1964, and attracted attention from foreign countries. The round exhibition was then held in many parts of the world with the key word "TSUTSUMU" (wrap it)". These works are now the collection of Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo.

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