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Chinatsu AITA
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Published: October 30 2008

© Chinatsu Aita

Born in 1980, Sapporo-city, Hokkaido. Graduated from Oil Painting Specialist Course, Department of Fine Arts and Design, Junior College of Sapporo Otani University, in 2003. Finished Art Science Course, Master's Degree Course, the Graduate School of Tama Art University, in 2005.

Aita accumulated academic technical training in Sapporo. Since her first entry in the All Hokkaido Exhibition in 1999, she has successfully advanced her career and finally won the Association Prize, the top prize, at the 58th All Hokkaido Exhibition in 2003.

Just before winning the prize, she went to Tokyo to enter The Graduate School of Tama Art University. She was greatly inspired by the exciting environment in which students seek for originality. She experienced such a severe culture shock that she lost her inspiration to paint, but she recovered and brought out a new theme, the "katari-jima" series. With this theme, she won the top prize again at the All Hokkaido Exhibition in 2005 as the new Chinatsu AITA with a totally different style to the last one.

After finishing at the Graduate School of Tama Art University, she returned to Sapporo to start working as a professional artist. She has steadily built her career as a young artist, for example by receiving an endorsement from the VOCA exhibition, and she constantly attracts more fans.

On the other hand, her style and theme fluctuates from the masculine, strong "Katari-jima" to the purplish blurry "momoco" series of 2006, to the fresh yellow "sun people" series with its soft form in 2007.
Most of her past themes consistently reflect her own feelings for the natural world, such as "the island" cut off from the earth, living, being, and inhabiting near water or on topsoil. Her challenge for creation as an artist is to reflect her feeling of how she was born into this society, the earth, living now in the mirror of canvas.

    - Selected for 54th All Hokkaido Exhibition Accepted   
    - Selected for 56th All Hokkaido Exhibition Accepted   
    - Group Exhibition, l'Alliance Française, Sapporo
    - Selected for 57th All Hokkaido Exhibition Encouragement Award   
    - Selected for 58th All Hokkaido Exhibition Association Prize (top prize)   
-    Group Exhibition, gallery EUREKA, Sapporo
    - Solo-Exhibition, Gallery Tapio, Sapporo
    - Selected for 60th All Hokkaido Exhibition 60th Anniversary Award (top prize)   
    - Selected for Endorsed Artist for 24th SOMPO JAPAN Encouragement Exhibition   
    - Group Exhibition "Kan-Subaru (Sterope) Exhibition", Gallery DORAL, Sapporo
    - Group Exhibition "THE HAIKU - 25 artists to paint HAIKU - gallery EUREKA 25th
      Anniversary Exhibition", gallery EUREKA, Sapporo
    - Solo-Exhibition, Pepper's Loft Gallery, Ginza
    - Group Exhibition "FIELD OF NOW 'U-40'", YOKYO Art Hall, Ginza
    - Group Exhibition "3COLORS Asa Go x Yuka Ohtani x Chinatsu Aita", Shinobazu Gallery
    - Participated to VOCA2007, Ueno Royal Museum
    - Participated to BAS2006, Bunkamura Gallery
    - Group Exhibition "A MUSE LAND 2007 (Takanobu Kobayashi, Kohei Nawa, etc)",
    - Group Exhibition "3COLORS Asa Go x Yuka Ohtani x Chinatsu Aita", Shinobazu Gallery
    - Group Exhibition "Art Fair Tokyo 2007", Tokyo International Forum
    - Group Exhibition "D.E.P. 2007", Shinobazu Gallery
    - Participated to Art Fair Tokyo 2008, Tokyo International Forum
  (10月) Solo-Exhibition "SNOW WHITE", Shinobazu Gallery
    - Participated to Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 08,  Hotel New Otani

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