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Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: January 13 2010

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This is a photographic work announced in his solo exhibition "Distortion×Flowers". Various vivid flowers and plants make up the whole like a collage centering on one effector. The use of the effector as an equipment for the sound effect of music also provides a musical element for the plant, that is to say, implications between time and plants.

This work is a photographic work in essence. The plants in the photographs need not grow and, needless to say, die because this is not a work using actual plants in its installation. Many of works by Azuma use living flowers and that is why we feel the dynamism of life in his works. However, the "Dsitortion×Flowers" might be the exception. This is because time is cut out and stops there at a certain moment in a photograph. However, the effector urges us to feel the the pulse of the plant there as it were alive. It is as if time stopped in the photograph begins to move, and the feast of flowers that dance in a frenzy starts.

Artist: Makoto Azuma
Year: 2009
Genre: Installation
Owner: Private collection
Material: Inkjet print, photo acrylic processing
Size: 1,500×2,250×43mm
Note: Exhibited in "Distortion×Flowers" at EYE OF GYRE (May 15 - July 7, 2009, photo by Shunsuke , courtesy of AMKK
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