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Punk tank garden
Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: December 09 2008

 copy right(c)2008 AMPG

 copy right(c)2008 AMPG
 copy right(c) 2008 AMPG
 copy right(c) 2008 AMPG
 copy right(c) 2008 AMPG

What an extravagant title! The diagram written on the wall, "punk = tank = fuck = Punk tank garden" against "infinity = space = empty = Japanese garden", is also brilliant. A watering can and a CD player are hung at the bottom of the wall. The staff plays the CD when someone enters the room. The punkish sound source was improvised and played by Azuma and Shiinoki, recorded on the very morning of the opening. Five songs resonate through the space as if corresponding to the five artworks displayed (the songs are played three times per visitor).

Compact greenhouses where only Azuma’s favorite flowers are arranged on a theme he chose are displayed. That is a kind of Ikebana made of potted plants. It is hard to list all the names of the many kinds of flowers/plants used, but each assortment seems to appear quite natural. His typical attitude of violence to flowers/plants is negligible this time; instead, his affection for flowers/plants is simply expressed. The floor area of Japanese houses is small so it is common to display potted plants along the eaves. Such houses might also have a garden, although small, displaying plants in the same style. He said, "I think ordinary gardens, such as those maintained by people living in this neighborhood, are the best in Japan." I remember these words, which he uttered while he served beer to the visitors.

Artist: Makoto Azuma
Year: 2008
Genre: Installation
Owner: AMPG
Material: plant, greenhouse, watering pot
Size: H250 x W90 x D30 (each artwork size)
Note: AMPG 20th Exhibition (November 1st - 20th, 2008)
Exhibition style: five three-dimensional works, photos, movie screen, music, concept sheet.
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