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Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: December 09 2008

 copy right(c)2007 AMPG

 copy right(c)2007 AMPG
 copy right(c) 2007 AMPG

In sharp contrast to the entirely red space of the last exhibition, a cool place was produced in the middle of a hot summer. The keyword for this exhibition is "appreciation". In the exhibition room, three aquariums are installed in which fish swim around, and appropriate flowers for each aquarium are arranged. For example in the first aquarium containing arowana, there is a bunch of zebra rush and paphiopedilum. In the other two aquariums, flowers/plants and fish with two colors, yellow and red, are selected. Those who have had an aquarium and kept fish might have a feeling of déjà vu as well as novelty. Or some people might have already tried the same kind of arrangement in their own aquarium. In Azuma’s exhibition, the flowers/plants lean on the edge of the aquarium like people comfortably leaning on the edge of a swimming pool.

In addition to the aquariums, photos are also posted on the wall and these are really interesting. The photos are stored in acrylic boxes about 5 cm in width that are filled with water like an aquarium. The photographed flowers/plants are immobile but the water is of course mobile and thus flows waveringly. Is it only me that is fooled by this kind of jolly trick?

Artist: Makoto Azuma
Year: 2007
Genre: Installation
Owner: AMPG
Material: flower, fish, aquarium
Size: H450 x W900 x D450 (aquarium size) H360 x W900 x D300 (aquarium size) x 2
Note: AMPG 5th exposition (August 1st - 20th, 2007)
Exhibition style: three-dimensional work, movie screens showing the process of creating the exhibition, photos (Photographer: Shunsuke Shiinoki), concept sheet.
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