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Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: November 24 2008

 copy right(c)2008 AMPG

 copy right(c)2008 AMPG
 copy right(c) 2008 AMPG

Green peeping through a brown lump almost vertically rises up against the concrete side, for a short distance. That thick bud and stem look like a male sexual organ, however, the pointed end will break into red colors and finally produce a big, beautiful flower. It is hard to imagine from looking at the blossoming figure, but it has a tough life force that lets it grow, nourished by its roots, even though they are buried beneath the concrete. He buried the amaryllis bulb in a standing rectangle of concrete to make its growth clearly process visible, using this to form an artwork.

In his idea, a bulb has a resonant low-pitched tone. He has his own band and plays the guitar. At the beginning, he asked for music to be played with the artworks featuring flowers/plants. "When I started, that part was more focused. I wanted to create an artwork with sounds, or in a sense, to create an artwork which makes sounds by itself.” (From an interview). After that, his focus shifted to the blank or space of the display and the life from birth to death. Still, the music was continuously flowing in the background. His idea of finding sounds in flowers/plants is unusual. So we anticipate new possibilities of exploring flowers/plants using other senses, not only the visual.

Artist: Makoto Azuma
Year: 2008
Genre: Installation
Owner: AMPG
Material: amaryllis bulb, concrete, photos
Size: H1,500 x W200 x D200 (concrete size) , H250 x D250 (photo size)
Note: AMPG 10th Exhibition (January 10th - 25th, 2008)
Exhibition Style: three-dimensional work, photo (14), movie, concept sheet
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