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Damned Ikebana
Written by Satoshi KOGANEZAWA   
Published: November 24 2008

 copy right(c)2007 AMPG

 copy right(c)2007 AMPG
 copy right(c) 2007 AMPG
 copy right(c) 2007 AMPG

Photos of flowers/plants placed in cups are displayed on the walls. They are on a cup or just put beside a cup. The flowers/plants are waste materials, not for sale as products. The beauty and the interest of their figure are remarkable. In contrast, piled up waste materials from "JARDINS des FLEURS" and a week-old shop display, called "Trash pile brothers", are enshrined in the center of the exhibition room surrounded by the photos. Not only flowers/plants, but also newspapers, packing tape and plastic are included in about seventy 70-liter garbage bags. At first, they had colors such as yellow and green, but flowers/plants taken from the soil and left unwatered gradually rot, and decrease in volume.

It is obvious that the title, "Damned Ikebana", is derived from his favorite British punk rock band, "The Damned". The music emphasizes the sound itself rather than a social message, and he also emphasizes the artwork itself, to convey its value. So this is not a statement of artwork as garbage. It is "Ikebana" itself to focus the original shape of flowers/plants and the quantitiveness when it was gathered as the collective.

Artist: Makoto Azuma
Year: 2007
Genre: Installation
Owner: AMPG
Material: flower, plant, photo (processed)
Size: H1,900 x W3,000 x D3,000 (artwork size) as of May 1st , H900 x W3,000 x D3,000 (artwork size) as of May 20th
Note: AMPG 2nd Exhibition (May 1st - 20th, 2007)
Exhibition Style: three-dimensional work (Title: Trash pile brothers), movie (process to produce trash), photos (Photographer: Shunsuke Shiinoki), concept sheet
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