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Ryohei USUI: encounter
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: November 18 2009

Courtesy of the artist and Mujin-to Production

Solo exhibition of Usui who has announced the work that can say, modern version "Choose" that changes the "View" that already exists into the motif a certain around our daily life.

Last Updated on November 20 2009

Editor's Note by Takeshi HIRATA

Every day is encounters with the nonchalant one. The work of Ryohei Usui is filled with the surprise and the mystery of such "encounters". It is meaningless to call “discover”, and is not more dramatic than "Meet" either, though it is the road which the one has passed so many times, and the window which the one has seen so many times. “Encounter” is valid by having an awareness to have met it. The painting work 'Encounter' announced after an interval of six years marks the moment and the air of "encounter" while indicating the mysterious world, apart from whether or not we notice it as an "encounter".

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