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Motohiko Odani won the 25th HIRAKUSHI DENCHU AWARD

published: Jul 6,2011

evaluated the exhibition at MORI ART MUSEUM
""Odani Motohiko: Phantom Limb"".


Ai Weiwei who had been placed in custody, was released on bail, June 23

published: Jul 5,2011

confessed the crime in an excellent attitude
and is concerned with the chronic sickness suffer.


Jun Itami, a worldwide architect died at the age of 74

published: Jul 4,2011

know by the solo exhibition in Musée Guimet in French.


JT-ART-OFFICE's "Heisei Hobby person club", the first event "Rosanjin's meeting"

published: Jul 2,2011

composed by three meetings
all of which learn or visit to Rosanjin Kitaoji's footprint.


Fukushi won the grand prix of SPIRAL ”SICF12”

published: Jul 1,2011

evaluated by the works exhibited at SICF12 with a theme


Artist-run-space "XYZ Collective" opened in Setagaya, Tokyo

published: Jun 30,2011

its directors are COBRA (video artist)
Soshro Matsubara (artist)
and Madoka Hattori (editor)


Adrian Villar Rojas won the 9th Benesse Prize

published: Jun 29,2011

evaluated the installation exhibited at the 54th Venezia Biennale.


”Roppongi Art Amanogawa 2011” by six galleries in Roppongi, held on July 1 and 2

published: Jun 28,2011

offering an original present by the stamp rally.


Makoto Azuma, Kohei Nawa, and Yasuhiro Suzuki customize the Aeron Chair of Herman Miller

published: Jun 26,2011

for the charity art project organized by Herman Miller and more Trees design.


Project "Le Louvre - DNP Museum Lab", the exhibition system started in Musée du Louvre

published: Jun 25,2011

the first exhibition on screen started on June 8.


The cultural-arts complex "Bunkamura" in Shibuya closed for a repair work from July 4

published: Jun 24,2011

reopened from December 23 with an exhibition.


Musashino Art University, Museum & Library, renewal-open on June 24

published: Jun 23,2011

the newly opened museum building was integrated with the library building which was opened last spring.


Debut of Yasuhiro Suzuki’s Donation Box Called Well, at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

published: Jun 22,2011

a special installation of works and talk event
held on June 26.


Special talk event by Takashi Homma, held at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, June 23

published: Jun 21,2011

as a guest
inviting Umitaro ABE
a widely known musician in Japan.


’Air Mail Project’ by Makoto Morimura, calls for cooperators

published: Jun 19,2011

a project to produce installation using postcards and stamps (Air Mail) sent from foreign countries.


An art vending machine designed by Takashi Sasaoka, in Nanba

published: Jun 18,2011

a mirror ball turns when the beverage is bought.


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa open "Disco" of Peter MacDonald to the public from June 18

published: Jun 17,2011

a wall painting project by Peter McDonald and the staffs
started in April.


Talk event by Erika Yoshino on her photograph collection, held on June 18

published: Jun 16,2011

the commemorating exhibition will also be held from June 20 at Port Gallery T.


”TOKYO MILKYWAY Candle Tour” held on June 18, in Taito-ku of Tokyo

published: Jun 15,2011

visiting around art galleries by a bicycle‐drawn cart is decorated with the candles.


KAVC program to support young artists and curators "1floor2011", the forth exhibition artists were decided.

published: Jun 14,2011

Masahiko Mizuno and Atsushi Miyata will exhibit their works from August 27 at Kobe Art Village Center.


Keiko Ikemura holds a group exhibition in Berlin, for the Fukushima and the consequences in Japan

published: Jun 12,2011

Participating artists are Curtis Anderson
Katharina Grosse
Daido Moriyama
Yoko Ono
and Wim Wenders
amongst others.

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