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Yasuto MASUMOTO: Delicate Tongue
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Published: July 16 2009

”Bird Watching" (2008); animation, DVD, 4min.41sec., courtesy of gallery Archipelago copy right(c) Yasuto MASUMOTO

This exhibition is composed with an installation such as of a new performance work which movie is taken at the opening party. In the movie, several performers read a single text, and the movie is projected onto the exhibition wall with a projector.

Last Updated on July 04 2009

Editor's Note by Satoshi Koganezawa

This work features a recorded image of the performance done on the first day of the exhibition, flowing onto the gallery wall. It is a movie of scenery in which many people read aloud a text with shameless sexual content. The video camera records the changes of expression of many or finally one person who is reading the text, along with onlookers who frown or disregard the face, a spectator who leaves the hall because of antipathy, and the photographer himself. Another camera is set up in the hall, which takes an image of me while I am looking at the situation. This image is also projected onto another small television monitor. The attempt is novel in that I am looking at the situation as an onlooker, but I am also being viewed. However the most delightful point about this exhibition is the confrontational structure of seeing/being seen because of the ridiculous nature of the text. The voice is so unclear that it is hard to understand the content of most readings just from the image. It is almost impossible to listen to the content of most readings in the movie because the voice is so unclear. But don't worry. The text is also posted on the wall. What kind of face would you show when reading it?

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