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Q Ei: Works on Paper
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Published: June 10 2013


It is a great pleasure to present Q Ei: Works on Paper.
Q Ei (real name SUGITA Hideo, 1911-1960) was born in Miyazaki. Moving up to Tokyo in his mid-teens, he was such a precocious boy to write critiques in art journals. In the mid 1920s, he got interested not just in writings but in painting and taking photographs by himself. In 1936, he gained recognition for the originality of his photogram work named Photo-dessin, and debuted as an artist. It was just around this time that he began to use the strange name Q Ei.
After the War, he extended his artistic field to printing like etching and lithograph. In addition to his passionate character as a theoretician, his visionary but avant-garde world of art had great influence over other artists. Demokrato Artists Association in which many artists in Kansai region participated, is quite important to discuss post-war modern arts in Kansai. Even though he died young at the age of 48, his multi-faced artistic activity was surely one of a kind, extending over a wide range of fields such as painting, printing and photograph.
Here we present mainly post-war paper works like prints and photographs, which was important medium for the artist. We hope you enjoy the condensed and enigmatic world of art on paper.

全文提供:The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama
会期:June 8, 2013 - September 1, 2013
時間:9:30 - 17:00 (admission - 16:30)
closed on Monday
会場:The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama
Last Updated on June 08 2013

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