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Hisaharu MOTODA
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Published: July 07 2009

"Indication-National Stadium3(Bird's Nest)" (2009); mixed media, 970×1940cm, courtesy of hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO copy right(c) Hisaharu MOTODA

Motoda produces ruined city scape that draws Tokyo’s land marksuch as Tokyo Tower and National Diet Building, and Ginza and Shibuya where Tokyo is symbolized. We see the daily scenery as an invariable event. However, they are very transient and nobody can tell if they will exist there tomorrow or not. World Trade Center has gone on September 11, 2001. However, ruined images that Motoda paints are really negative? Are they about destruction and the collapse? It might be one constructive process of undergoing transfiguration from existing sense of values to a new value of the new world.Little green in the image is telling us that time still flows and hope is still there. In Motoda’s new body of work, uneasiness and yearning to the future exist quietly. Opening Reception: July 31st (Fri)7-9PM * The text provided by hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO.

Last Updated on July 31 2009

Editor's Note by Satoshi Koganezawa

Solo exhibition of Motoda who draws a spectacle of ruined city. It is an exhibition mainly introducing his coloring works, in which the power of the image seems fairly weaker than his print works (lithograph). As for the reality and fictitious, because the image of "ruins" is not so novel now, it is difficult to approve as a remarkable work without adding something on there.

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