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Tetsuya Miyagawa:Image of Blue color
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Published: June 24 2009

Courtesy of GALLERY TERASHITA copy right(c) Tetsuya MIYAGAWA

Solo exhibition of Tetsuya Miyagawa (b. 1956) who is known by the refined monotone painting, and the work has been announced mainly in Kansai area. Tetsuya Miyagawa
1956 Born in Fukui Prefecture Japan
1979 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University Department of Design Solo Exhibition
2001 Tsuchi-no-Hana Gallery (Fukui)
2000 Elf Fukui Gallery (Fukui)
1998 Gallery Coco (Kyoto), GALLERY 17 (Kanazawa)
1995 GALLERY G2 (Fukui)
1992 Gallery Coco (Kyoto)
1990 Gallery Coco (Kyoto), Jidai-no-Arashi (Fukui)
1989 Fukui Fine Arts Museum
1987 Art House Gallery (Fukui)
1985 SPACE B' (Fukui), Art House Gallery (Fukui)
1984 Art House Gallery (Fukui), SPACE B' (Fukui)
1983 Gallery Haku (Osaka), ART SPASE (Osaka)
1982 Gallery Haku (Osaka)
1981 Gallery Haku (Osaka)
1980 Gallery Haku (Osaka) * The text was provided by GALLERY TERASHITA.

Last Updated on July 13 2009

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