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Yuki Hashimoto:Faceblock/Smartthorn
Published: March 04 2013


eitoeiko is pleased to announce a solo exhibition Faceblock/Smartthorn by Yuki Hashimoto. Yuki Hashimoto(b.1988, Toyohashi, Aichi) received his B.A. from Musashino Art University in 2011 and will receive his B.A. from Tama Art University in 2013. The show will be held as his second solo exhibition at eitoeiko and as well as his degree show. Hashimoto will graduate with an excellent award from the department of ceramic of Tama Art University.
In his project 'Wickets of the world', the artist united the world of social network service and one of the most ancient technology of human. Hashimoto collected thumbnail portraits from SNS, introduced as people who may know by SNS but actually the artist doesn't know. The artist regarded their faces like virtual images, and then he dropped them into ceramics. In the other words, Hashimoto attempts to connect a substance with a mirage. The artist indicates an essence of communication of human exists inside of us 'face to face'. In addition, using fire to make ceramics recollects the origin of the birth of human beings.
The other work, Hashimoto will show his newest series of objects. Used cellular phone which is decomposed and is reconstructed will be hanged on a wall like an altar of dead. Its owner's portrait was summoned by a method of Joseph Rodes Buchanan (American, 1814-1899), as a shadow of temporary society which pursues an advanced network and mobility. The work exists like an urban myth which hid the dubiousness of the occult.

Yuki Hashimoto(b.1988, Aichi)
2011 BA printmaking, Musashino Art University, Tokyo
2013 BA ceremics, Tama Art University, Tokyo

Recent exhibitions
2010 the 35th National Prints exhibition for art university students, Machida international museum of prints, Tokyo
2010 ULTRA 003, SPIRAL, Tokyo
2011 The moment at the moment, with Takahiro Nagasawa and Ryuhei Takada, eitoeiko
2011 Gateway Japan, group exhibtion, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA
2011 Confessions of a Display, solo exhibition, eitoeiko
2011 ULTRA 004, SPIRAL, Tokyo
2012 New City Art Fair, hpgrp GALLERY, NYC
2012 Tamabiyaki, Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo

Opening Reception: 30 March, 2013, 5PM-7PM

会期:30 March, 2013 – 27 April, 2013
時間:12:00 - 19:00
closed on Saturday, Sunday and National holiday
Last Updated on March 30 2013

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