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Shinji Ohmaki:constellation - traces in memories -
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Published: February 28 2013

Shinji Ohmaki / Exhibition image of "constellation - traces in memories -"

Art Front Gallery presents solo exhibition of Shinji Ohmaki at 2 different venues: Shibuya Hikarie and Art Front Gallery. Solo exhibition entitled “constellation - traces in memories -” will be held at Art Front Gallery in Daikanyama from Feb 22, Friday. This will be a different exhibition as the one entitled “More Light” held until Feb 18, Monday at Shibuya Hikarie.

[作家コメント]Expanding the Field: the art of Shinji Ohmaki

Shinji Ohmaki is an artist who represents the latest current of Japanese art scene. His dynamic installations turn exhibition space into an extraordinary world and evoke audiences' physical senses and transforms the plane into the space surrounding us. Since participating in the 6th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art in 2009, his works are shown in international scene such as Asian Art Biennial in Taiwan (2011) and Hermes in Singapore (2012).
He has been developing works with new ideas such as installation using thin fabric exhibited at The Hakone Open-Air Museum in the Spring of 2012 and "idola" using water shown at Art Access Adachi in the Autumn of 2012.
Not merely an object which may be interesting or beautiful, Ohmaki's work is a device to give audience a notion of light and shadow, moving breeze and time in the given space. Elements brought into the work by Ohmaki such as air, water, crossing light and shadow, or vanishing drawing on floor make viewers feel the appearance and disappearance of the invisible, and our understanding of the space with floor and the wall changes to a "place" having certain density.
In the early half of 2013, the artist will present in three different venues: Art Stage Singapore 2013, Shibuya Hikarie and Art Front Gallery in Tokyo. The new installation in Art Stage is a new type of work which has never been exhibited in public. Hikarie belongs to genealogy of "Echoes - Infinity" series from his exhibitions in Hermes in Singapore and Hakone, and comprises of his idea to develop from the brightness and darkness of the space. Exhibition in Daikanyama belongs to the genealogy of "Flotage" series using mirrors and lines, which did not have given an opportunity to be shown in recent years since his exhibition at Aoyama Spiral in 2005. Using light, he takes in the space as a part of the installation by structuring the lines three dimensionally and invites audience as a part of the experimental piece.

会期:Dates: 2013. Feb. 22, Friday – Mar. 10
時間:11:00 - 19:00
closed on Mondays
Last Updated on February 22 2013

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