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Fan de Nagoya Art Exihibition 2013 「Dea Syuturumu」
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Published: December 26 2012

(C) Kentaro Ikeda 2011

Dea Syuturumu(The Storm, Der Sturm) is the exhibition consists of various expressions from paintings, drawing, photography, installation and performance to manga, illustration, ZINE and web illustration. Putting together both the expression of art and the expression of popular culture, this exhibition represents an microcosm of divers creative activities in Japan from 2000, which is one of main features of our exhibition.
However, we intended not only to show their various expressions themselves, but also to show their “backgrounds” together. Their approaches toward the background is differ from one another, unveiling their process of creation and circumstances of creation / living, making a team with someone, discovering the historical contexts, etc.
This exhibition aims to reveal the root of the expression in addition to showing the work itself. As the artists exhibit their works in the same space, showing their “backgrounds” of different phases, this exhibition explores an exhibition space like an ecosystem which the artists influence each other and produce new multiplicity, keeping some tension on. Some artists may interact with the works of other artists (e.g. PaintBBS / ZINEOFF).
Revealing their “backgrounds” and expanding the possibility of interacting with other works to function the exhibition space as well as the web space, the ZINE, and the catalog, as the site of expression, we would like to introduce 11 groups of artists in this exhibition.

Curator Hiroki Tsutsui

Participating Artsits:
AichiHub (Kentaro Ikeda, Megumi Tsuji, Yukari Bunya, mogcom)
Taro Izumi
Zon Ito
Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda
Kohei Kobayashi, Ikuhiro Yamagata, and Asa Ito
Natsuko Sakamoto and Fukumi Sukigara
Hiroyuki Nisougi and OekakiBBS
Yuu Ymamoto and ZINE OFF
Honor Students (Youichi Umetsu, Satoshi Ohno, Masaya Chiba, Daisuke Fukunaga)
qp and Other Planets

Demonstration 1/20 (Sun) 14:00-
Text Asa Ito
Composer Kohei Kobayashi
Demonstrators Kohei Kobayashi, Ikuhiro Yamagata

Shinya Araki, Yoshiharu Ishioka, Asa Ito & Kohei Kobayashi & Ikuhiro Yamagata, Youichi Umetsu, Oyama Enrico isamu Letter, Genta Okamoto, Yohei Kurose, Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda, Atsushi Shinfuji, Darryl Jingwen Wee, Hiroki Tsutsui, Toraco, Barbora, qp

全文提供:Nagoya Citizens' Gallery Yada
会期:January 9(Wed.) – 20(Sun.), 2013
Closed: January 15
会場:Nagoya Citizens' Gallery Yada
Last Updated on January 09 2013

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