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Tadaomi Shibuya:lesson
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Published: May 21 2009

”transformed and united faithful dog" (2008); acrylic on panel, 1030 x 728mm copy right(c) Tadaomi SHIBUYA / Courtesy of hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO

We are pleased to announce the opening of "Oshie (Doctrine)", the third exhibition of Tadaomi Shibuya at hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO. Shibuya who paints unique motif with sharp straight lines. In this exhibition, he visualizes "Japanese-ness" as a doctrine that structures him. Shibuya said "Many of today's Japanese people, including me, are very far from the faith (to God or Buddha and etc...). However, it fuses in shape of lesson, propriety or custom in life, and I as "Japanese" have been made from life in that. " Shibuya feels that the idol that exists as a foothold to keep various balance of the society and the significance of existence of his work is somehow very similar. Hip-hop and black culture, under the influence of experience on travel to Thailand, India and Nepal, a new exhibition of Tadaomi Shibuya to pursue his own nationality. * The text was provided by hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO.

Last Updated on July 03 2009

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