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Yu Kiwanami:
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Published: May 19 2009

”modern people” (2008); 145×145cm, oil on cotton copy right(c) Yu KIWANAMI

On my solo exhibition -
Faceless figures as nobody, in other words, as anybody.
I am strongly drawn to such ambiguous portraits.
In this ambiguity lies, among others, the reality.
The fact that the ambiguity represents myself is accompanied by the theme "relation" when I do my art work.
While my works strike the viewers as pop and catchy, I see the flatness I aim for in pursuit of the nature of painting beyond graphical expressions.
Yu Kiwanami

1985 Born in Koto
2009 Kyoto University of Art and Design Group Exhibitions
2008 Kyoten, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto
2005 Mihama Art Exhibition, Fukui Awards
2008 Shell Art Award
2005 Mihama Art Exhibition * The text was provided by NODA CONTEMPORARY.

Last Updated on July 17 2009

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