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Wendy Wagner
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Published: May 19 2009

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Wendy Wagner graduated from the Art Institute of Houston in 1992 and has worked as a graphic designer for ten years. During this time, her interest in making paintings and sketches grew larger, and she decided to begin her career as an artist. She has participated in a number of exhibitions and received the Hunting Art Prize in 2008 with her painting "I Hope I'm Dreaming". Wagner's canvas is filled with dreamy, imaginative characters. The works on display at Gallery Trinity include small works entitled "Little Bittys" and large-scale paintings depicting an ice show and circus. Delving into her childhood memories, Wagner places thick layers of tinted gesso, acrylic and oil paint to visualize her fantastical characters. * The text was provided by GALLERY TRINITY.

Last Updated on June 02 2009

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