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Yee Sookyung
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Published: May 12 2009

installation view at Gwangju Biennale, 2006 copy right(c) Yee Sookyung

Seoul-based artist, Yee Sookyunt's first solo exhibition in Japan. Through Yee's artworks, our tradition, history or the territory that is hidden into people's unconscious get visualized. Her subjects are sometime her diachronic self-consciousness towards her country and sometime her synchronic relevant counsciousness. In this exhibition, 42 ceramic sculptures and large cinabar drawings will be exhibited. Yee will also participate in the selected-group exhibition "Double Fantasy -Korean Contemporary Art" at Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art in Kagawa from 12 July. * The text was provided by Ota Fine Arts.

Last Updated on May 30 2009

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