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Miki Kubota:Deshadowed and swelling
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Published: June 01 2009

from "DESHADOWED" exhibited at "shiseido art egg, no.2" exhibtion by at Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo copy right(c) Miki KUBOTA

"Haptic" at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo copy right(c) Miki KUBOTA

The sense of volume that furniture has, which relates to human body, is one of the key to understand Kubota’s work. She filled the negative space of furniture with plywood and wood filler, and shave it to get smooth surface. The color field of plywood and wood filler appears on the polished surface and suggest the quality of abstract painting. These furniture leave the impression of “buried”. The filled and polished surface shows the evidence of furniture. Kubota’s work contains two aspects, which is the actual form that exists in front of you, and the form that becomes “image” because it is buried. It offers the possibility of contemporary sculpture. In this exhibition, Kubota also challenges the issue of “flat and volume”. Please enjoy new works by Kubota who exhibits actively at established art organization such as Shiseido art egg, Tokorozawa Biennale and Tokyo Wonder Site. * The text was provided by hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO.

Last Updated on June 05 2009

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