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Shusuke AO: Multirole Fighters
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Published: November 11 2011

Courtesy of the artist and eitoeiko
Copyright© Shusuke Ao

eitoeiko is pleased to announce the solo exhibition 'Multirole Fighters' by Shusuke Ao.

A lot of aviation fans were charmed by the exhibition 'TRIAL' that was held in the Museum of Aeronautical Sciences at the beginning of this year. Moreover, in March, Ao joined with the three artists exhibition 'act' at Akibatamabi21 in 3331 Arts CHIYODA, as one of selected Japanese painters who graduated from Tama Art University. In 'act', Ao showed an installation '1000 PAX invasion'. Flying, and the evolution of aviation industry as footprints of human history are his body of work.

Multirole Fighter means an aircraft designed to act in at least two different roles in combat (by Wikipedia: Multirole combat aircraft).

Fighter plane carries out change and improvement of armaments corresponding to change of tactics. It seems that one motif serves as a ripple and it spreads infinitely. We can see past, present and future as well as the thought of each country in it. Art represents the culture of each country in the world. Similarly, the airplane represents its own country prior to people. Mingling with these two sides, Ao indicates the multi-roles in art.

Shusuke Ao(b.1981, Ibaraki)
2004 BA Japanese Painting, Tama Art University
Lives and works in Kanagawa
Selected exhibitions
2010 PAX-4, eitoeiko, Tokyo
2011 TRIAL, Museum of Aeronautical Sciences, Chiba
2011 act, Abikatamabi21, Tokyo
2011 Gateway Japan, The Torrance Art Museum, CA, USA

* The text provided by eitoeiko.

Period: Saturday, November 12 - Saturday, December 10, 2011
Venue: eitoeiko
opening reception: 12 November, 5-7PM

Last Updated on November 12 2011

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