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Satsuki Maeda:spectacle
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Published: April 08 2009

© Satsuki MAEDA / Courtesy of YOKOI FINE ART "sympathy” (2009) ballpoint, acrylic gouache on panel 120×160cm copy right(c) Satsuki MAEDA / Courtesy of YOKOI FINE ART

A memorial exhibition of Satsuki Maeda's Publication "sirusi". Next Maeda’s exhibition “Spectacle” will takes place at YOKOI FINE ART. We will show her work that were exhibited on Art Fair Tokyo 2009, and moreover new work derivative from same image. Maeda’s new theme, “Spectacle”, represent a fight of the past and the future, besides a fight of herself.This theme will be turning point for her artist life because it is a new challenge to open up her new style.You can see the different world with art book one. * The text was provided by YOKOI FINE ART.

Last Updated on April 10 2009

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