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Published: November 05 2011

Copyright© Rinko Funamura
Courtesy of the artist and Gallery PAXREX

Colorful stripes, gorgeous polka dots...someone is there in silence. It's difficult to identify whether the person is a man or woman, or even an alien. The characters are drawn with colored pencil by a new generation artist "Rinko FUNAMURA". There is something sinister about the creatures, but somehow they are lovely. It seems like they are hiding themselves by camouflaging with fancy patterns. But their hands are appealing.
They are quietly screaming "Notice our pleasure, sorrow, pain and happiness".

* The text provided by Gallery PAXREX

Period: Saturday, November 5 - Sunday, November 27, 2011
Venue: Gallery PAXREX

Last Updated on November 05 2011

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