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Takahiro Hara Exhibition
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Published: November 07 2011

「Sabina」 131×82cm

The essence of painting

What kind of work will one bequeath living in this era.

Is it possible to create even one work, after we had the universe conquering, epoch surpassing Da Vinci, that will expose the core and majesty of mankind in his way?
A task laid upon the artists of enormous proportions.

Gazing in a distance Hara says " unskilled as I am I want to do it step by step ".

Trying for the quality of paintings that flow on history`s surface, we heartily invite you to come and see the stage of his works now.

The text provided by Zokyudo Gallery

Period: 2011.11/12(Sat)~26(sat)
Time: 10:30~18:30
Venue: Zokyudo Gallery

Last Updated on November 12 2011

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