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The Best Collection:Modern Nihonga Painting
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Published: November 03 2011

Kataoka Tamako《Tsuragamae: Ashikaga Takauji》1966)

The nihonga [Japanese-style paintings] in our museum collection will be introduced in three parts. Part 1 (October 22-December 4) focuses mainly on KATAOKA Tamako and Part 2 (December 6-January 29, 2012) on SHOJI Fuku and other female painters who were active at Nihon Bijutsuin [Japan Art Institute]. The flow of nihonga from the Meiji period onwards will be traced. Studies and sketches by the nihonga artist YAMAGUCHI Hoshun, who was active in Hayama after the war, will also be exhibited. From the KINOSHITA Shoko Collection donated to the museum in 2004, Part 3 (January 31-March 25) consists of ancient pictures from the Kamakura period to the Edo period such as Mandala of Both Realms and Puppy by TAWARAYA Sotatsu.

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Venue:The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura Annex

Last Updated on October 22 2011

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