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Oscar Oiwa:Asian Kitchen
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Published: March 28 2009

"Asian Kitchen" (2008); oil on canvas, 227 x 444 cm copy right(c) Oscar OIWA / Courtesy of TOKYO GALLERY + BTAP


The work Asian Kitchen, from which the title of the show itself is derived, portrays shapes of 13 countries and regions (1). They are in forms of smoke, fire, meat or liquid, all of which are elements that may transform in the next moment, together expressing the dynamism of the East. The painting also depicts prominent buildings in Asia (2). Industrial revolution began in the West, but today, two-thirds of super high-rise buildings are actually in Asia. In my opinion, it is quite certain that the time of Asia will start with China as its center. Looking in from the outside, information from other countries seems to be secretly under governmental control in China. I would like to send a message to the young people who are strolling through 798 Art Zone, in which BTAP is located, and who are reading this text right now, that if you direct your eyes more to the outer world and understand there are so many and various peoples and cultures on the earth, you can lead a very interesting life. I am very happy to have this exhibition in Beijing, which enables me to feel the earth as a single country.
Oscar Oiwa
New York, January 29th, 2009

(1) Mainland China, Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, and Malaysia.
(2) Beijing Olympic Stadium, Shanghai World Financial Center, and Taipei 101


We hope you take this opportunity to view “Asian Kitchen,” an exhibition that addresses the society at large that surrounds us by taking Asia and its rapid growth as its point of departure. In addition, an opening reception in the presence of the artist will be held on May 16th (Sat) starting at 15:00. A catalog of works on display will also be published to coincide with the exhibition. Opening Reception: 2009.5.16(Sat) 15:00-17:00 * The text was provided by Tokyo Gallery+BTAP.

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