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Kei Imazu
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Published: March 28 2009

"Broadcaster" (2009); 162.1×130.3cm, oil on canvas copy right(c) Kei IMAZU / Courtesy of NODA CONTEMPORARY

Born in 1980, graduated from Tama Art University Graduate School, MFA in 2007. Imazu's painting works are characteristic at the unique composition in which two or more spectacles are layouted in one canvase. This is the first solo exhibition in this gallery.

Fluctuating World
I try to anchor myself with a criterion settled down somewhere, only to find it ceaselessly flow out of its place.
In a social life, I cannot lay myself with ease, with the unknown and novel values sweeping me, leaving me up in the air.
I imbue information I encounter at every moment to my paintings in forms of images.
This is the dilemma—I struggle to keep in contact with, and leave the trace of, the world which I cannot seize.
The act of drawing is the only value I can trust.
- Kei Imazu

Solo Exhibitions
2009 “Kei Imazu Solo Exhibition” NODA CONTEMPORARY, Nagoya
2008 “Kei Imazu Solo Exhibition” Niche Gallery
2007 “Kei Imazu Solo Exhibition” Gallery b, Tokyo
2006 “Kei Imazu Solo Exhibition” Gallery b, Tokyo Group Exhibitions
2008 “These Artists Are Good!” NODA CONTEMPORARY BEIJING, Beijing, “Women Without Boundaries” Art Labor Gallery, “Who's Next” Tamada Projects Corporation, “EX-SURFACE” Artlantico Gallery
2007 “Niche Young Artist Show” Niche Gallery
2006 “Hyakka-Ryouran (Blossoms in gay profusion)” Boice Planning, “The Third Reunited Exhibition” Yokohama Citizen Gallery, Azamino City
2005 “Yanaka-Biyori (Good day in Yanaka City)” Gallery J2 Others
2007 “The 10th Shanghai Art Fair” Shanghai, “Shanghai Young Art Exhibition: ASIA” Shanghai, “Amuse Art Jam Kyoto2007” Kyoto Awards
2009 VOCA Award
2006 Shell Art Award Exhibition
2004 Tokyo Wonder Wall Award *The text was provided by NODA CONTEMPORARY.


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