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Kazuki MIZUGUCHI: Water Garden
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Published: October 24 2011

Copyright© Kazuki Mizuguchi
Courtesy of the artist and Shonandai MY Gallery

There are many attractive aquatic plants around the waters .Water lilies, Reedy and other large number of unknowns. Little insects and small animals live together with them.Many aspects of the water are wonders of this world. Water surface, flowing water, water droplet and rain fall.The view around the water always fascinates me.

Kazuki Mizuguchi
2000 Completed Postgraduate Studies at Musashino Art Univ.
Major in Japanese style painting.
1973 Born in Tokyo.
Solo exhibition
2010 “Recolection” SAN-AI GALLERY (Nihonbasi Kakigaratyou Tokyo)
          “Karen・Current” Shonandai MY Gallery (Ropponngi Tokyo)
          “Silence” GALLERY BEAUX (Ginza Tokyo)
2009 MATSUZAKAYA (Ueno Tokyo)
2008 “Lost paradise” SAN-AI GALLERY (Nihonbasi Kakigaratyou Tokyo)
2006,07 GALLERY KAKU (Ginza Tokyo)
2005  SAN-AI GALLERY (Nihonbasi Kakigaratyou Tokyo)
Other exhibition
2011 Young Art TAIPEI (Sunworld Dynasty Taipei)
        SICF12 (Spiral hall Aoyama Tokyo)
2010 ARTSingapore (Suntec Singapore)
2009 “Katyoufugetu” -Eternal- (SAN-AI GALLERY Tokyo)   
        “complete?” (SAN-AI GALLERY) 
        ARTSingapore (Suntec Singapore)
2008 “Drawing -path and scenic-” (SAN-AI GALLERY)
        “Small frame -Doors of six-” (SAN-AI GALLERY)
2008-2010“Start of Journey” (Matsuzakaya Ueno Tokyo
2007,08 “Kei-ten”-exhibition in Gallery Kei- (Gallery Kei Shinjyuku Tokyo)
2006-09“Christmas collection” (Saikaya Kawasaki)
2003 “Christmas in Peace”  (Sato museum Sendagaya Tokyo)
2000-2004 “Hisyou 5”-Soaring flight 5- (Jiyuugaoka Tokyo)
1999,00,02,03,05 Souga spring exhibition(Takashimaya Nihonbashi Tokyo) Etc.

* The text provided by Shonandai MY Gallery

Period: Friday, October 21 - Friday, October 28, 2011
Venue: Shonandai MY Gallery

Last Updated on October 21 2011

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