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KAWAKAMI Kounosuke / HICOSAKA Toshiaki: Camera lucida
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Published: September 30 2011

"Dam 6", 2011, 760 x 500mm
mixed Media collage on Paper
Copyright© KAWAKAMI Kounosuke
Courtesy of the artist and AISHO MIURA ARTS

A camera lucida is an optical device used by artists as a drawing aid when doing rough sketches. Looking at a his subject through a camera lucida, the artist can see the image of his subject on his drawing board as he works - one imposed on the other, and therefore it becomes possible for the artist to draw the subject in a way that is close to a visual experience. In other words, the artist creates using the help of an apparatus and by setting up an intended relationship with his own point of view.

In the present day when we create a painting, photography (an image that is automatically made by a device) is used so much that it is no longer specifically mentioned, and many artists approve of photography being used in paintings.

The reason why we are alluding to the device, as well as the concept, of the Camera Lucida, is because within the processes we use in depicting something, by hypothesizing the intevention of this device, one tries to make apparent the relationship between several elements. What become evident very quickly is that where the Camera Lucida is concerned, the artist can decide his relationship with his subject and his image exists at a considerable rate whereas, perhaps when it comes to photos, that chance is put away into the black box that we refer to as the camera.

Kawakami Kohnosuke and Hicosaka Toshiaki both do not necessarily use a Camera Lucida to create their paintings - they use photos to paint. However, as we try and understand their works, having the knowledge of the Camera Lucida can become a tool for understanding their works.

* The text provided by AISHO MIURA ARTS.

Period: Saturday, October 1 - Saturday, November 5, 2011
Opening party: Saturday, October 1, 2011, 18:00 - 23:00

Last Updated on October 01 2011

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