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Miya Ando 'elements'
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Published: September 30 2011

Copyright© Miya Ando
Courtesy of the artist and GALERIE SHO CONTEMPORARY ART

For my solo exhibition in Tokyo October 24. I will put forth works that are inspired by the Elements; Earth, Water, Air, Fire. The power of nature and fragility of humans and life are my inspiration. As a poetic response to the aftermath of the March 1 1 Earthquake and Tsunami. I will like to put forth meditations on Nature and the Elements. I will put forth an installation of metallic skeleton leaves, metal wall works and a kakejiku to create a quiet, contemplative space in Galerie Sho. I hope to pay homage to those who were lost and all those who were affected by the recent tragedy. I hope to evoke transcendence and strength of human nature in my works and express the beauty in all things being ephemeral.
- Miya Ando

Public Commissions
2012 Fist Art Foundation, Puerto Rico. Outdoor, ephemeral public art commission
2011 Haein Art Project, Outdoor public commission / Korea
2011 9/11 Memorial Sculpture Public Art for CalFire, California Fire Department
2010/11 Ten Year Anniversary 9/11 Sculpture to be created with WTC Steel / London UK
2010 “Quietness", Non Denominational Chapel, San Francisco General Hospital! / San Francisco, CA
2010 "Obon [Meditation I-S]", Thanatopolis Outdoor Memorial Sculpture / Norwalk, CT
2010 Sakura Reichstag", temporary outdoor installation, invisible luminous paint on snow / Berlin, Germany
2010 "Beautiful Night", Invisible luminous wall mural, Safdi Plaza Realty / Brooklyn, NY
2010 "Shelter [Meditation 1- 12]", 40' installed, The Healing Place Non Denominational Chapel Woman's   Shelter / Louisville, KY
2009 "S-Fold Path" Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society / Los Angeles, CA
2009 "Let There Be Light", Non Denominational Chapel SI. John's Bread & Life / New York, NY

Selected Exhibitions
“Perspectives”, Sundaram Tagore Gallery / New York, NY
“The Cutting Light”, exhibition, Galerie Vanessa Quang / Paris, France
“Wide Open”, BWAC Brooklyn, NY Curated by Nate Trotman, curator of Guggenheim Museum / Brooklyn, NY

“Sweetcake Enso”, Travelling Zendo Exhibition / New York, NY
“The Happy Tree”, Monster Children / Sydney, Australia
“The Art of Light”, Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery / Berlin, Germany
“Small Meditative Works”, Lora Schlesinger Gallery / Santa Monica, CA

* The text provided by GALERIE SHO CONTEMPORARY ART.

Period: Monday, October 24 - Saturday, November 26, 2011
Opening reception: Monday, October 24, 2011, 18:00 - 20:00

Last Updated on October 24 2011

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