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Symbolic character of Antenna's art works, ”Jappy” become a Japanese common character
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: September 03 2011

Jappy is a symbolic character of Antenna's art works since 2004, which was created in the Antenna's feature film work about imaginary Japanese theme park called "Yamatopia". Since then, Jappy has appeared in Antenna's various art works. "Jappy" has sun on its head, umeboshi on its nose, Mt.Fuji on its stomach, and its skin collor is yellow which represents Japan.

Antenna named it wishing it to become Japan's mascot character that makes "Japan" "happy". Antenna have decided to release it as an opened character that anyone can use. The use of Jappy can be either for profit or nonprofit, only if the purpose is to make Japan happy, you may use it in all kinds of form.

For specific detail, see the new exclusive web sitehttp://jappy.jp/

Last Updated on September 02 2011

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