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Published: February 18 2009

Chiharu SHIOTA "ZUSTAND DES SEINS (State of Being) - Child's Dress" 2008 steel, thread, dress, acrylic h.60 x 30 x 30 cm photo : Tetsuo Ito courtesy of KENJI TAKI GALLERY copy right(c) Chiharu SHIOTA / Courtesy of KENJI TAKI GALLERY

After its trailblazing debut in 2005, ART FAIR TOKYO has procured its position as Japanʼs most anticipated art fair and soared to the vanguard of the Asian art world with its devotion to diverse and unique works of art. In 2009, ART FAIR TOKYO will return to the Tokyo International Forum with 143 galleries, both domestic and international, for the fourth consecutive edition and reaches out to the world from the international city of Tokyo, presenting exquisite works of art without limitation of period or genre. The fair will showcase the works of some 3000 artworks by approximately 650 artists. ART FAIR TOKYO has firmly established itself as the most substantial art fair in Asia with its reputation for exhibiting a wide variety of high-quality art and genres it covers, including contemporary art, modern art, nihonga, ukiyoe (Traditional Japanese art form), in addition to other Asian works of art and antiques. This year, the exhibition venue will be held at its regularly accessible location, the Tokyo International Forum (@FORUM) in Marunouchi area. A second additional venue will also be held at a new site, the TOKYO BLDG. TOKIA. GALLERIA. (@TOKIA) which is conveniently situated directly across from the first venue. This space will be served as a special feature of ART FAIR TOKYO2009. The fair will be open for three days including the weekend of April 3 to 5, 2009. Taking into consideration the increased number of participating exhibitors, and the expansion of space, we are thus expected to attract more visitors than in the past for ART FAIR TOKYO2009. ART FAIR TOKYO official website >> http://www.artfairtokyo.com/en/ * The text was provided by ART FAIR TOKYO.

Last Updated on April 03 2009

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