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Yoshihiro KIKUCHI: Observations of Institutional Spectrum
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Published: August 09 2011

Courtesy of the artist and AISHO MIURA ARTS
Copyright© Yoshihiro Kikuchi

KIKUCHI Yoshihiro describes about this exhibition that this is a challenge to insert layers to interrupt the institutional articulation in all the broad area of recognition where the language rules, so that they can give birth to new phase in our perspectives against the generally accepted social ones which can only bring us an artificial therefore arbitral aspect of “a nature” just as a certain contingent simulacrum as long as the articulation by language concerns.

Aiming for that, he have tried various ways of expressions as follows : the deconstruction of a pornographic novel by suspending its verbal signification, paintings that are not done by hand but by taking use of accidents of data error, the reuse and application of his own works in the past for current works with differentiation, appropriation of such images as a dead body, pro wrestler and pornstar as icons which are to be dissociated from its original context by collage and so on. In addition, he sometimes employs an original program to control these operations of data and images for his works.

With these variations in expressions, the artist intends to raise an alert over the fact that one cannot avoid living passively with the ephemeral institutional bias that might not based on logic but only present by artificial and arbitral articulation, whatever attitudes one might take for that. And further, the artist keen to get back a control on the influence by general perspectives in stereotypes and take initiatives to deconstruct them and at last to coin a variety of metaphors of the alternative institutional structure.

His works may not aim to identify problems to raise and address specific issues, but plainly present us a certain status of antinomy in our surroundings. They require each of us to observe the institutional spectrum that have become so hugely complex with an independent perspective by oneself, where we always think about something with feeling a pleasure and with an intolerable pain, and inevitably settle for some given aspects with realizing both easiness to depend on them and difficulty to be independent of them.

* The text provided by AISHO MIURA ARTS.

Period: Saturday, August 6 - Saturday, September 17, 2011 *closd from August 23 - 30

Last Updated on August 06 2011

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