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Published: February 17 2009

copy right(c) Daisuke NAGAOKA / Coutesy of hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO

We are pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition, “RING WONDERING” by Daisuke Nagaoka, who draws poetic images with delicate and detailed lines of ink and pencil. Nagaoka makes the imaginative world that contains fragility to disappear into the memory.  The title "RING WONDERING" literally means wondering in circle. If you were nowhere without landmarks, lost your sight or lost the sense of direction, you would be walking around in circle unconsciously. Nagaoka emphasizes an anxiety of unknown place, the frustration of no exit, or the relief when you realize where you were. Today, the world is changing drastically. Nagaoka expresses the interstice of the world where we exist and the world that Nagaoka sees . Born in 1973, Nagaoka graduated from Nippon University and moved to UK. After acquiring M.A. at Wimbledon School of Art in London, he began his career through several solo and group exhibitions, such as the one represented by “Tokyo Water Site” in Tokyo. This will be the second solo exhibition at hpgrp Gallery TOKYO. Opening Reception:Apr 3rd(Fri) 7:00-9:00PM * The text was provided by hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO.

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