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Yugo Kohrogi:melting point
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Published: February 12 2009

copy right(c) Yugo KOHROGI / Courtesy of CASHI

Yugo Kohrogi is a painter who portrays a sexy female image with special touch like that of whipped cream melting. However, the melting touch doesn't express the inherent sweetness of the motif but represent audiences' eye of desire like rising tongues of flame. Therefore, Yugo Kohrogi's work feels man's fresh sense of existence in contrast with a texture of elegant shades and thin paints. The exhibition is solely composed of new work. In addition, the new work will be put on show at "The 57th Tokyo University Graduation and Completion Work Exhibition " held at the Tokyo University of the Arts during February 21 through February 26 before the session of "melting point." Don't miss the chance to see the art group highly refined by Yugo Kohrogi who is going to finish the master course this year. The painter will come to the gallery to attend the reception party given on the first day, March 6 of the exhibition. Please consider this matter and kindly forward this to anyone you know. * The text was provided by CASHI.

Last Updated on March 06 2009

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