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Yasuto Sasada:U to Pia
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Published: February 06 2009

copy right(c) Yasuto SASADA / Courtesy of CASHI

Yasuto Sasada has been attracted attention as a precocious artist - he won the Excellent Prize in "Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest" for junior division, and held first personal exhibition when he was in the second year of senior high school. His miniature painting with flamboyant colors based on the concept of Lord or Utopia makes us think of Asura or religious painting. His large-size painting of Pegasus with distinct colors put on the "Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program" held in the last December got favorable notices. This exhibition "U to Pia" will show new dimension with not only his feature colorful works but also unreleased monochrome miniature painting. He will come to the reception party at the gallery on the first day (February 6th). * The text was provided by CASHI.

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