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Reiko Kitamura:2018
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Published: January 30 2009

copy right(c) Reiko KITAMURA / Courtesy of FOIL GALLERY

After graduating from university, Reiko Kitamura (b.1980) has continuously produced her art work while studying at Setsu Mode Seminar, Art Course. The accidentally composed wandering figures and colours by dropping paints and water onto a paper - Kitamura has cast a reflection of her own daily capricious feelings on the unpredictable lines and mingled clours of her works. The colourful tracks etched on the work traces the artist’s everyday flow. Those Kitamura’s works will stimulate the viewers’ memories and feeling, perhaps there will be new discoveries of sympathy differently in each time you see. * The text provided by FOIL GALLERY.

Last Updated on January 16 2009

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