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TWS-Emerging 2011: 168 Pimeriko, 169 Yuichi Hirako, 170 Anna Saito, 171 Sayaka Fukuda
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Published: July 15 2011

Yuichi Hirako, 2010
Courtesy of the artist and Tokyo Wonder Site
Copyright© Yuichi Hirako

Ever since its opening in 2001, Tokyo Wonder Site has undertaken a wide range of programs to support and foster young artists. One such program, TWS-Emerging, is associated with the Tokyo Wonder Wall exhibition sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Each year 100 people are selected from among more than a thousand who respond to the call from Tokyo Wonder Wall, and their works are displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. A further process then selects 12 of those 100 for the opportunity to show their art to the wider public at the gallery in the third-floor corridor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. TWS-Emerging invites the same 100 artists to participate in another exhibition, and those chosen are put on display at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo. For this year, 20 young artists were picked to participate, and their works are going to be displayed. Not only does each of the selected artists have their own individual exhibition, they are also invited to participate in a number of events and workshops at Tokyo Wonder Site venues throughout that year. And once their exhibitions have been staged, they are supported in various other ways to raise their profiles and expand their activities. They are eligible to exhibit their works in the TEAM program at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, and to take up the post of creator in residence for a period at Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence. They may also be sent overseas in Tokyo Wonder Site's international exchange programs.

Pimeriko (b. 1975), Yuichi Hirako (b. 1984), Anna Saito (b. 1989), and Sayaka Fukuda (b. 1987)

Period: Saturday, September 3 - Sunday, September 25, 2011
Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo

Last Updated on September 03 2011

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