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Yushi IKEDA: maverick
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Published: July 15 2011

Courtesy of GALLERY IND.
Copyright© Yushi IKEDA

This is a retrospective exhibition of Yushi IKEDA(1909-2006).

He started his career as an sculptor for shrines and temples in 1927, and since that time he kept on working as a “maverick” artist for 80 years.

This exhibition will feature some of his modernism sculptures created in the postwar period.

Now we have a few interesting anecdotes that paint some picture of him. For example, in 1947 he set up his own studio under the roof of Osaka City Museum of fine Arts just after the takeover by UN force was over, or in 1951 he presented his solo show in the museum against the Picasso’s exhibition held during the same period, and so on.

Putting those episodes aside, without getting any academic education in any art school in his early days and without belonging to any school of artists ever after, he continued on his course for his entire career.

* The text provided by GALLERY IND.

Period: Friday, September 9 - Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last Updated on September 09 2011

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