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Sakuji Yoshimoto
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Published: January 27 2009

"Sage Geolgius and dragon" (2008), oil painting and a pencil on hemp canvas, 65.2 x 53.0 cm copy right(c) Sakuji Yoshimoto / Courtesy of KENJI TAKI GALLERY

The first solo exhibition in KENJI TAKI GALLERY Tokyo, Sakuji Yoshimoto (b.1959) introduces his new works under a typical theme of a classic painting, in which a peculiar humor is implicated by his cartoon styled characters giving a mutable feeling. Sakuji Yoshimoto, who was one of the most expected young artists in the flow of new Expressionism in the 80’s, once stopped the production in around 1990. After some interval, in 1995 he restarted painting with a completely new style which made the best use of delicate Iroage and feeling of quality in oil painting as well as the profile line that transcribes a full-scaled rough sketch to the canvas.

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