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Kenta TAGUCHI: Portrait of a sign
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Published: July 08 2011

Courtesy of the artist and STANDING PINE - cube
Copyright© Kenta Taguchi

Artist statemet
The fact that a idol which is made by CG create a sensation make us consider that 'existing' in the real world would not be so important. At the same time, the common awareness that a photograph shows truth is being changed by diminishing the important role 'recording' which is photograph originally has. I'm making creations by changing drawing into photographic negatives and remove the image to a photographic paper with some light. Through the light the image is divided dark and light and unnatural reality will appear. I'm creating private world which of the relation between reality and unreality is rarefied. Even it is private world it might not necessarily be fiction in reality. I'm trying to consider again the meaning of 'existing' from the world in the narrow space between reality and unreality.

Kenta Taguchi
1980 Born in Nagasaki/Japan
2007 Graduated from Prefectural Aichi University of Art,oil painting major
2009 Group Exhibition at Prefectural Aichi Univ. of Art,oil painting and engraving major for graduation

Solo Exhibitions
2009 Kenta Taguchi exhibition ''beginning-Hajimari''/STANDING PINE -cube,Aichi/Japan

2006 Photo Intention-manifold its phenomenon-/yebisu art labo,Aichi/Japan
2007 The art behind a warehouse / Warehouse in Noda Miso Syoten, Aichi
2008 Plants/yebisu art labo/Japan
INDIRECT'08-the box in the box-/gallery APA,Aichi/Japan
PRINT-between the real and unreal-/gallery of Nagoya art Univ/Japan
4-sight/gallery SHUN,Aichi/Japan
2009 Daydream / Gallery in Aichi Prefecture Museum of Art, Aichi
The exhibition of Kenta Taguchi and Kakuya Fujinaga / art data bank, Tokyo
INSIGHT / Daiwa Gallery, Gifu
2010 Aichi Art’s Forest, Horikawa Project / Toyo Logistics, Aichi
Ukimori -floating forest- / STANDING PINE -cube, Aichi
Over flow / Gallery Suiran, Gunma

* The text provided by STANDING PINE - cube.

Period: Saturday, July 9 - Sunday, July 31, 2011
Venue: STANDING PINE - cube
Opening party: Saturday, July 9, 2011, 18:00 -

Last Updated on July 09 2011

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