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Cornelius Quabeck:C Monster
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Published: January 23 2009

“Home at the Pole” 2008 Acrylic, airbrush on canvas copy right(c) 2008 Cornelius Quabeck / Courtesy of TARO NASU

No Pun intended! In recent years I’ve been working on a group of paintings that focus on fictional characters. As an artist I’ve always dealt with public imagery from newspapers to record covers to books and cartoons. A while ago though I decided to try and imagine a figure in painting like fictional writers do in books instead of reproducing and interpreting given imagery. For my forthcoming solo show at Taro Nasu Gallery I selected and regrouped new works from my studio of the last two years. Together these works build a fantastic world where each depicted character might be a hero or villain depending on the viewer’s reading. Being a picture show it does not offer the structure of narration that we experience when reading a book turning page after page. Hopefully though this show will manage to create a book momento equivalent to what lovers of literature would call a “great novel.” Cornelius Quabeck 2008 * The text provided by TARO NASU

Last Updated on January 23 2009

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