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Tamami Kubota, solo exhibition:pity is akin to love
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Published: January 21 2009

Tamami Kubota plays with characters who have vivid and dark expression by dynamic stroke and strong contrast. ‘pity is akin to love’, Kubota met this phrase first when she was a high school student, remained for a long time in her mind since then, and chose it as the exhibition title. Some English playwrite in 17-18 century used this phrase in his book. This phrase is translated as “ if you feel pity to someone, that means you love that person” in Soseki Natsume’s novel “Sanshiro”. In this exhibition, Kubota focuses on the man's mind with "Love" as the theme, and expresses the psychological aspect. Various characters are spinning the story with pride, jealousy, and regret on the canvas. This exhibition will bring you the world of Tamami Kubota who made the exhibitions in New York succeed in 2008.

”blue bird” (2008); acrylic fiber and panel, 200mm x 590mm copy right(c) Tamami KUBOTA / Courtesy of hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO

Opening Reception: 2009.3.13(Fri) 7-9PM * The text was provided by hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO

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