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JT-ART-OFFICE's "Heisei Hobby person club", the first event "Rosanjin's meeting"
Written by KALONSNET Editor   
Published: July 02 2011

Jun Teshigawara, courtesy of JT-ART-OFFICE

The "Heisei Hobby person club" organized by JT-ART-OFFICE, will hold the first event in July. This event is being composed by three meetings, all of which learn or visit to Rosanjin Kitaoji's footprint. entitled "Rosanjin's meeting". The ornizeder of JT-ART-OFFICE, Jun Teshigawara will present a lecture or a navigation to the three sections.

For more detail, contact JT-ART-OFFICE by calling 0422-38-9308.

Last Updated on July 01 2011

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