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Bae Sangsun: Gordian Knot
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Published: June 25 2011

"Gordian Knot 1", 2011
Charcoal, blue ink and gesso on canvas, 123 x 145 cm
Courtesy of the artist and IMURA ART GALLERY
Copyright© Bae Sangsun

Bae Sangsun (1971-, born in Korea), she graduated from Sung Kyun Kwan University fine arts in Seoul in 1997. After that, she moved to Tokyo, London and Kyoto for pursuing her own expression.

The title of this exhibition is named after a legend of Phrygian Gordium associated with Alexander the Great. She had kept the story of the legend as a concept for her works for a long time. At the same time, "The Knot" painted black and white is her continuous motif for her works. Now, we are confronted with the difficulty, she took "Gordian Knot" as the theme for this exhibition and she expresses the difficulty as tangled knot in her works.

She used to deal with human relations as her main theme of her works and she used to paint "The Knot" by soft and simple touch. But for her current works, "The Knot" are tangled complicatedly and they even create heavy atmosphere. But she says that she wants people to face the difficulty by feeling the heavines and following the tangled knots.

We will exhibit 7 new works including installation for this exhibition. It’ll be 2nd exhibition at imura art gallery (she exhibited at imura art gallery kyoto in 2009).

On 2nd July (18:00-), we will have the artist talk; Bae Sangsu n x Shigeo Toya (Sculptor, professor at Musashino Art University). Bae Sangsun learned oil painting from Mr. Toya when she was registered at graduate school at Musashino Art University.

Shigeo TOYA(1947-, born in Nagano) Sculptor, professor at Musashino Art University. Graduated in Sculpture at Aichi Prefecture University of Fine Arts in 1973, Finished the postgraduate course in Sculpture at Aichi Prefecture University of Fine Arts in 1975. He mainly presents wood cavings which are cut up by a chainsaw. He had exhibited at many museums and galleries like; Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Nizayama Forest Art Museum, Aichi Arts Center, SHUGOARTS, KENJI TAKI GALLERY. And he also exhibits overseas - for example, at Venice Biennale (1988) , Triennale-India (1997) and so on.

Gordian Knot
I have been dealing with the knot motif as a metaphor for human inter-relationships, the great variety of their structure reflecting the many different kinds of people which make up the world.

On one hand the knot symbolises a strong bond, and on the other it represents a difficulty in its being untied, as in the legend of Alexander the Great and the cutting of the Gordian knot.

This intricate knot, whose ends could not be found, had been tied by Midas, and secured a sacred ox cart enshrined in the city of Gordium. Confronted with this apparently intractable problem, Alexander sliced the knot in two with his sword, fulfilling the prophecy that the person to solve the puzzle would go on to become the King of Asia.

In life we often encounter difficulties which grow in to seemingly unsolvable situations, and would like to find our own direct Alexandrian solution, but it is not always so easy and we must grow to know not only the problem but ourselves, and face it in our own way.

Painting is my great passion, to which I feel connected both spiritually and emotionally. To draw the knot, for me, is to face up to my own difficulties, with great sincerity.

- Bae Sangsun

* The text provided by IMURA ART GALLERY.

Period: Saturday, July 2 - Saturday, July 23, 2011
Artist talk and opening reception: Saturday, July 2, 2011, 18:00 -, Bae Sangsu n x Shigeo Toya (Sculptor, professor at Musashino Art University)

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