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MOT Collection - Silent narrator: on plural stories / Special feature: Takashi Ishida
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Published: May 30 2011

Izumi Kato, untitled, 2006, collection of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT)
Courtesy of the artsit and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT)
Copyright© Izumi Kato

In order to deepen people’s appreciation of contemporary art the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo will hold a series of exhibitions, based on the‘MOT Collection’of over 4,000 works, to approach the subject from a variety of angles.

Exhibition Gallery 3F is to be the venue for an exhibition based around new acquisitions from the museum’s collection and entitled ‘Silent Narrator: on plural stories’. Why are we attracted by stories? Is it because they provide an opportunity to peep into the experiences of somebody different to ourselves? At this time, when the power to think about other people’s lives is being called into question, the current MOT Collection Exhibition presents both old and new works from our collection that explore the theme of storytelling, one of mankind’s fundamental powers of expression. Art works are all quiet narrators that do not necessarily rely on words but contain room for us, the audience, to link our imaginations with each of their stories. We hope that the various narratives presented in this exhibition will offer you an entrance through which you can gain some perspective of this intricate world.

The Exhibition Gallery 1F will present ‘Special feature: Takashi Ishida‘ introducingthe world of newly acquired artists to the collection from a variety of angles. Takashi Ishida (1972- ) is a dynamic artist, who continues to be active both at home and abroad, examining the creation of paintings through animated drawing. He sketches lines that multiply like waves, drawing them one frame at a time to produce animations which appear to analyze time and space, pioneering a new way to create paintings, and winning him high praise in recent years not only for his experimental films but also in the field of contemporary art. This exhibition will feature his earliest video works, those were recently acquired for the museum’s collection and other representative works as well as his latest works which lays bare his focus on material or the body; the huge space of the museum overflowing with energetic world created through his video works.

We will also present our collection of Pipilotti Rist, Mona Hatoum, etc.

* The text provided by Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT).

PEriod: satuday, June 11 - Monday, October 3, 2011
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT)

Last Updated on June 11 2011

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